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sha256 protected digital btc tech + asset strategies

focusing solely on bitcoins decentralized, digitally scarce, open source, and censorship-resistant properties

explicitly avoiding diversifications into other assets, funds or securities

offline coldwallet multi-continental storage for ultimate financial sovereignty and protection from government interference and theft

protected by sha256

low time preference, emphasising long-term wealth preservation and growth

hodl timeframe: 5 years

1 BTC = 1 BTC always

btc returns for hodl periods respectively as of march 2024

  • 1y_ 147.89%
  • 3y_ 19.46%
  • 5y_ 1,598.56%
  • 7y_ 7,654.74%
  • 10y_ 18,719.44%

home and office space heating via bitcoin mining

bitcoin consulting services

  • market access services for btc businesses looking to enter the scandinavian markets
  • bitcoin readiness services for businesses looking to adopt bitcoin
  • bitcoin workshops and strategies for employees and executives