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why lynbitcoin

your partner in navigating the disruptive paradigm shift bitcoin is bringing to the global economic business landscape

who we are

lynbitcoin stands at the forefront of the bitcoin disruption in denmark, committed to guiding businesses through the transformative landscape of decentralised open source tech.

as denmark’s premier full-service bitcoin hub, we specialize in integrating bitcoin technology into corporate strategies and operations.

our team and partner network comprises passionate bitcoin, sales and marketing experts, financial strategists, and technological innovators dedicated to advancing the bitcoin ecosystem.

our name

at lynbitcoin, our name is more than just a brand – it's a representation of our ethos and vision.

"lyn," translates to "lightning" in danish, symbolising the speed, efficiency, and transformative of the bitcoin layer 2 lightning network and our services

our mission

at lynbitcoin, our mission is twofold. firstly, we aim to provide comprehensive, tailor-made solutions that facilitate a smooth transition for businesses entering the bitcoin world.

secondly, we focus on strategic market entry for bitcoin companies looking to establish a foothold in the scandinavian markets.

our approach is grounded in the principles of bitcoin – decentralization, security, transparency, and efficiency – ensuring that our clients are not only ready for today’s digital economy but also prepared for future advancements.

what we offer

_market access services for your business

_bitcoin readiness services

_bitcoin energy consulting

our edge

lynbitcoin is more than a service provider; we are a partner in your bitcoin journey. our edge lies in our deep understanding of bitcoin technology, our expertise in the scandinavian market dynamics, and our commitment to client success. whether you are new to bitcoin or looking to expand your reach, lynbitcoin is here to guide you through every step of the way.

join us

embark on your bitcoin journey with lynbitcoin. together, we navigate the disruptive world of bitcoin and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

our company's inception was a journey of discovery, born from real-world challenges and insightful analyses. it started with a keen exploration of the complex real estate market, which naturally led to broader reflections on our responsibility to future generations. this exploration was an eye-opener, revealing the intricacies and potential limitations within the traditional fiat financial system.

as we delved deeper, we encountered the evolving landscape of programmable central bank digital currencies (cbdc), such as the digital euro. the possibility of future generations navigating a world dominated by cbdcs brought forth significant contemplations about financial independence and stability. a pivotal moment in our journey was the realization that, in the face of a soaring global debt-to-gdp ratio, the value of savings could drastically diminish over the next 10-20 years.

it was in this search for enduring solutions that bitcoin emerged, not just as a technological marvel, but as a paradigm shift in addressing today's financial challenges. the bitcoin community's philosophy of "fix the money, fix the world" resonated with our core values, inspiring a deep connection with this movement.

embarking on this bitcoin journey was enlightening. it involved a willingness to unlearn established monetary theories and to bravely face the flaws inherent in the current financial system. this journey was both humbling and exhilarating, revealing bitcoin's immense potential to rectify many of today's financial inadequacies.

our company was founded on a steadfast commitment to contribute to the peaceful revolution of bitcoin. we believe fervently in being on the right side of history. this mission is driven by a long-term vision – to look back in a decade and assess our efforts, all dedicated to securing a brighter financial future for the next generations. we embark on this path with optimism, hope, and a deep sense of responsibility. #formykids

why bitcoin?

innovative payment network: bitcoin, as a decentralized digital currency, offers a secure, efficient, and borderless payment method

hedge against inflation: in an era of increasing inflation, bitcoin stands out as a digital store of value, providing a hedge against the devaluation of fiat currencies

financial autonomy: bitcoin empowers businesses with financial sovereignty, reducing reliance on traditional banking systems and mitigating associated risks

global accessibility: with its universal accessibility, bitcoin opens up new markets and customer bases, enabling businesses to tap into a global audience

enhanced security: leveraging robust blockchain technology, bitcoin transactions are immutable and secure, minimizing the risk of fraud and cyber threats

cost-effective transactions: bitcoin's low transaction fees make it an economical choice for businesses, especially in cross-border dealings

there is bitcoin, and there's everything else. bitcoin is not an app, or a company, or a stock, or an investment. bitcoin doesn't have a board of directors, or a ceo, or quarterly earnings. there is nobody "behind" bitcoin.

crypto does not compare to bitcoin. if you want to compare bitcoin to something else, compare it to fire, the number zero, the wheel, the printing press, or electricity. yes, it is that important. it is an open, borderless, decentralised network that is internally stable. the antidote to the corruption of money.

what is so revolutionary about bitcoin?

bitcoin is absolutely scarce
bitcoin's issuance is fixed in time
bitcoin can be stored in your head
bitcoin can be sent at the speed of light
bitcoin can be verified by anyone, easy and cheap

every single one of these points is revolutionary in itself.

no ones explains it better than the author: @dergigi, read the open letter now - right here