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Shield Heater&Miner

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Power: 1100-2000 Watt

Heating surface: up to 80 m²

Volume: industrial volume - 50-70 dB depending on output

Mining power: up to 24 TH/s, efficiency up to 75J/TH (+-10%)

Ease of use: simple thanks to plug & play commissioning

Connection: Lan port and 16A 230V power connection

Warranty & safety: 1 year warranty & very affordable spare parts available - CE compliant

Product details

  • Power & ease of use: The 21ENERGY Shield offers a heat output of up to 2000 watts and enables uncomplicated plug & play commissioning for particularly easy handling. This combination of performance and user-friendliness enables effortless use and optimum heat supply. Simple connection via LAN cable to the internet und via a 16A 230 power connection. The initial configuration takes just a few minutes. With the supplied operating instructions, installation is very easy and child's play even for non-technical users.
  • Heating technology & volume: Thanks to the innovative combination of convection and radiation, the Shield provides even heat distribution. Even at its high output, the Edge remains quiet enough for industry use cases and ensures an operation with about 65 dB at 2000 watts and only 55 dB at 1200 watts. 100% Efficiency: This means that 100% of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy.
  • Design & Hashing Power: The design is inspired by a classic heater and made of high-quality, matte black-painted steel not only gives the heater a fitting appearance in the industry but also ensures robustness and durability. With a mining power of up to 24 TH/s and efficiency of up to 75 J/TH, the Edge offers impressive performance.
  • Protection & Durability: The air and dust filters of the Shield provide effective protection against dirt accumulation within the device (even in storage and production halls with high dust levels), thereby safeguarding the internal hardware and extending the lifespan of the heater. The galvanized sheet metal ensures longevity and corrosion resistance, ensuring reliable operation of the heater under various conditions.
  • Savings Potential: The savings potential of the heater depends on individual energy costs and market prices for calculations. Calculate your individual heating cost savings now with our profitability calculator or contact us directly via the contact form for a personal and individual calculation.
  • Installation & Assembly: The heater can be mounted on the wall in addition to the traditional floor-standing setup. Special brackets are built into the top plate for this purpose. The Shield is particularly well suited for construction containers.
  • Environmental Friendliness & Safety: Compared to conventional heaters, the operation of the 21ENERGY Heater can enable a CO2 reduction of up to 7 tons per year, highlighting the device's environmentally friendly nature. Additionally, the Shield is CE-compliant and meets the highest safety standards.
  • Mining Pool: The built-in refurbished Antminer S9 Pro units are compatible with various mining pools and can be freely selected by the user.
  • Operating System: The Edge comes pre-installed with the Braiins OS+ operating system, which provides automatic optimization and increases efficiency by up to 30%. This autotuning feature allows for improved cash flow and a higher hash rate of up to 30% with the same power consumption.
  • Origin: The Edge was developed and manufactured 100% in Austria. This emphasizes not only its high-quality production but also the commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.
  • Measurements and weight: ~90x30x60cm, 50kg