kpmg, one of the four largest auditing firms in the world, has published a 12-page report in which the influential consulting company describes the effects of bitcoin on the environment and society.

the kpmg report serves as an excellent encapsulation of bitcoin's positive influence on both the environment and society. it sheds light on how economic activities touch the lives of all people, emphasizing that bitcoin could be a key player in achieving humanity's goals related to climate control, energy sourcing, and financial inclusion. prominent environmental advocate daniel batten and human rights champion alex gladstein have expressed their commendation for kpmg's insights.

moreover, this report underscores that one of the world's most reputable firms now views bitcoin not merely as a component of their financial holdings, but as a constructive force for a brighter future. following the footsteps of influential organizations like blackrock and the imf, kpmg´s endorsement further propels institutional acceptance of bitcoin. the perceptions of bitcoin are not only extended by this report but also by kpmg's advisory role with numerous major companies and corporations. we can now look forward with anticipation to discovering which company (or perhaps even state) will be the next to invest in bitcoin.

read the full report here