"don't trust - verify" is a common saying in the bitcoin space and a fair starting point, but when larry fink, the chairman of blackrock, speaks on a monetary subject, it's foolish not to listen and think about the words his spoken words. after all, we are talking about the man at the helm of the world's largest asset manager.

recently, on fox news, "uncle larry", opened up about bitcoin, drawing a parallel with digital gold and announcing the filing for a bitcoin spot etf. this is not just an opinion coming from any financial pundit, but a clear message from the core of the traditional financial world.

bitcoin as an international asset class
by calling bitcoin 'digital gold,' fink has placed the bitcoin cryptographic network/currency on a pedestal that resonates with centuries of financial history. gold has always been a store of value, a safe haven, something that transcends geographical and political boundaries. by likening bitcoin to gold, fink is not only acknowledging its value but also underlining its place in the modern international asset class.

blackrock's bitcoin spot etf
filing for a bitcoin spot etf is not a minor move. it symbolizes a significant shift in the acceptance of this commodity within the financial establishment. blackrock's involvement in this endeavor reflects the growing interest and potential that wall street sees. you can read more about blackrock's bitcoin spot etf here.

a shift in narrative
it's essential to recognize this shift in narrative, regardless of personal opinions on blackrock or fox news. the barriers between traditional finance and bitcoin are evidently crumbling. wall street is here, and it's embracing the future - a future where bitcoin might play a substantial role.

for those sitting on the fence, now might be the time to pay attention. As fink's words and blackRock's actions suggest, the world of finance is evolving, and bitcoin is becoming a more prominent part of that landscape.

disclaimer: the author of this blog post is neither a fan of blackrock nor fox news. the views expressed are based on public statements made by larry fink and do not represent financial advice. always consult with a financial professional before making investment decisions.

 Link to foxbusiness article: here also